Great dancers are not great only because of their technique, they are great because of their passion. And thus under the tutelage of the great dancer Kalamamani. Smt. Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala, has grown Seethalakshmi, who hails from a south Indian family originated from the deep-rooted cultured town of Thiruvarur - a town bursting with the essence of Art and Culture. The graceful journey of Seetha's love for dance commenced at the age of 8 and during the spring of her life, at 14, she staged her arangetram on the 4th of July 2008. Through the years, she has achieved commendable milestones in the field of classical dance and has grabbed all the opportunities that came her way. She is an active member of ABHAI (Association of BHarathanatyam Artistes of India). She has won several awards and appreciations for her dedication towards the art.

Her passion for the art form is never ending and has lead her to explore a new dimension as a teaching faculty at Kalapradarshini- Center for Performing Art and cultural activities under the watchful guidance of her guru. She has mentored two students in the journey towards their arangetram and has assisted her guru in nattuvaangam on both the occasions. She has also ably assisted her Guru in conducting workshops in India and abroad.

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She proudly adds a number of solo performances at some of the most prestigious sabhas to her credential.
Performed at Nungambakkam Cultural Academy as part of their Dance Festival
Performed at Mylapore Fine arts as part of their Margazhi fesival
Performed at Tiruvarur Thiyagaraja Temple.
Performed at Russian Culture Centre for “Intag“
Performed a thematic solo “Om Namah Shivaya” as part of “Kalapradharshini – Annual Natya Festival” at the prestigious Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan.
Performed at the Aayiram Kaaliamman Temple at Thirumalalairayanpattinam.
She has also actively participated in all the activities of her dance school and was given the opportunity to perform alongside her guru in various dance ballets.
Participated in “Dasavatharam” a thematic Dance ballet on the ten avatar’s of Lord Vishnu
Participated in “Sakthi” dance ballet at Nungambakkam Cultural Academy, Mylapore Kabaleeswar Temple, Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan to name a few.
Participated in “Annamaiya” dance ballet at Visakapatinam, Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan & ETA Conference at London and many other prestigious sabha’s in the India and abroad.
Participated in “Utchi thilagam” dance ballet at Mylapore Kabaleeswar Temple, Music College, Bharat kalachar and other esteemed sabhas.
Participated in “Krsna Madhuriyam” dance ballet at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Narada Gana Sabha, Vani Mahal and many other reputable sabha’s in the city and abroad .
Participated in “Gnana Manthargal” dance ballet at Russian Cultural Centre.
Participated in “Gnana Ghandharva” dance production at Music Academy Chennai and other distinguished sabha’s in Chennai, Hyderabad and USA.
Participated “ Kutrala Kuravanji” at Thakarbaba vidyalaya.
Performed at “Rangbagh” Hyderabad.
Performed for Christian Songs at Christian Media Centre, Chennai and at Vaniyampadi & Nagerkoil.
Performed at Brahmakumari’s at Mount Abu.
Performed at the Puri Dance Festival in Orissa.
Played the role of Shiva in the scintillating Ballet “Ambalavaananum Araganum” staged in various prestigious sabhas
Played the role of Avvaiyaar in the empowering dance ballet “Penmai Chudar” performed in Vani Mahal, Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan and other highly regarded sabha’s
Performed for the Pancharathna Krithi “Jagadhananda Karaka” as part of Kalpradarshini’s Annual Natya Festival
Participated in the premier show of “Thyagaraja Bhakthi Manjari” showcased at Krishna Gana Sabha and subsequently performed in other renowned sabha’s in the city.
Performed in the premier show of “Ardhanari” performed at Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan, and thereafter performed at Bharat Kalachar, Krishna Gana Sabha and various other acclaimed sabhas
Participated in the premier show of ‘Chakra” presented at the prestigious Music Academy in Chennai and later on performed at Narada Gana Sabha and other high standing sabhas and universities in India and USA.
Seetha has had the honour of performing in the presence of eminent personalities such as the former Governer of Tamil Nadu Sri. Rosiah, for the Republic Day Celebrations at the Governor’s palace. the Mayor of United Kingdom in London at the ETA Conference, Sri. Sathya Saibaba for “Women's Day” celebration at Puttaparthi, Shri. Vithamma for the Navarathri festival in Pothai
Performed at the Balaji Temple in Birmingham
Performed for ETA Conference at Birmingham
Performed in “Ghana Gardharva’ at Seattle as part of the celebrations organised by the Telugu Association of Seattle.
Performed in “Annamaiya” at the Balaji temple in Portland
Performed in “Ghana Gardharva’ at Detroit, Michigan as part of the celebrations of the Telugu Association of Detroit
Premiered “Chakra” in USA at the University of Buffalo, organised by Triveni Sangam.
Performed in “Ghana Gardharva’ at Washington DC, as part of the annual celebrations of the Telugu Association
of Washington.
Presented “Chakra” at the University of New Mexico,Alberquerque organised by the students as a fund raiser.
Presented “Ghana Gardharva” at Los Angeles, as part of the celebrations organised by the Telugu Association
of Los Angeles.
Presented “Ghana Gardharva” at New York, as part of the celebrations organised by the Telugu Association
of New York.
Presented “Chakra” at Rochester.
Performed in “Ghana Gardharva’ at Columbus, Ohio as part of the celebrations of the Telugu Association of Columbus.
Performance with Eminent Gurus
She has participated in the dance Productions of other renowned guru’s such as “Ganga” choreographed by Padmashri. Chithra Visveswaran presented at Narada Gana Sabha as part of the Annual day of ABHAI and “Silapadhigaram” by Madurai. R. Muralidharan showcased at Narada Gana Sabha and for Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaaru.
Important Performances
Participated in the 1000 dancers event at the famous Bragadeeshwar temple for celebrating the 1000 year anniversary
of that temple.
Participated in the flash mob event organised by ABHAI at Citicenter as part of womens day celebrations.
Participated in 250th week celebration on “Thakadhimitha” at Kamaraj Arangam.
Participated in “Thakadhimitha” Solo & Group Competitions in Jaya TV
Participated in “Konjum Salangai” dance competition in Podigai.
Participated in “Silapadhigaram” dance ballet telecasted in Kalaignar TV.