The Natya Festival – Myriad of Dancing Queens bring delightful performances

My dear readers,

Day 3 was a complete experience in itself. We had the little artists, then the young ladies dance groups and of course me dancing to ‘Ardhanari’. I have savoured every moment and especially those with my Guru Krishna Kumari Narendran and my role model Dr. Padma Subramanyam. No amount of praise can be showered upon them for they are pioneers who raised the bar and continue to do so for generations of dancers.

It was a treat to watch the little ones whom I had started training recently. They showed so much promise. As for my regular students, I could see the extra effort they took to make this a grand success. Yes it was successful because the auditorium ran houseful. In spite of this, I had elders and youngsters huddled in corners to watch my students presenting the medley of productions. What greater appreciation can an artist expect!

Let me tell you about today that is Day 4. We have the young Aparajita disciple and daughter of another versatile artist Smt. Sreedevi Priya. She started her training at a very young age and besides her aptitude in dance she also excels in academics. This will be followed by disciples of Saila Sudha Academy founded by Kalaimamani Smt. Sailaja, a good friend and a Kuchipudi exponent. As long as I have known her she is a wonderful human being and a great teacher who promotes young talent.

I must tell you about the next group ‘Prayathnam’, a group of teachers and dancers who are known for their emphasis on mastering the theory of Dance. They conduct exams for various schools. This helps to strength the fundamentals of dancing which I feel is an integral part of learning. With that underlying knowledge, am waiting to see them perform.

So we come to end of Day 4 and look forward to one more day of the Natya Festival. I am humbled by the praise I received for my contributions to the field of arts and it pushes me to do more. As I continue to travel across, I hope to spread the richness of Indian and Performing Arts.

I will be back with more until then Namaskaram.

Love & regards
Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala
Artist Director & Founder, Kala Pradarshini

The Natya Festival – Glorious 40 Years of Dance

My dear readers,

Thank you for being with me all the way.
Sunday, 20th Jan. would be the Day 3 of the Natya Festival. This is an important day for me because it will be etched into my memory forever. Today we begin the show with a very dear friend and a wonderful human being. I will tell you more as we go on.

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The Natya Festival – Inaugurating with a star studded night

My Dear Readers
With the Natya Festival barely two days from today, am wringing my wrists and
counting the moments away. In my last blog I was telling you about rolling out the Natya Festival. Well folks, many of my friends out there know how the metrics work.

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