It’s October and It’s time for Dussehra

Our Festivals: Our Heritage

India is an evolving country making  steadfast footing into modernization, development and scientific advancement. Yet it is a country that does not compromise on its rich cultural and traditional heritage.

Our traditional festivities still keep us rooted to our heritage, beliefs, our origins and our customs. This is the great unifier across the generations as most of our customs calls for the involvement of the entire family and in some cases an entire community…it transcends across the settings whether it be home, work or even an institution. Being an artist and also running a dance school in Chennai, Dussehra or Navrathri has always been an important festival for me.

Vijayadasami : The Auspicious Day

Dussehra like many other Indian festivals is the celebration of the triumph of good over evil and the prayer for a prosperous and positive new beginning. Vijayadasami, brings to a close the nine-day festival. It is particularly of great significance to the pursuers and the endowers of knowledge (regardless of the genre of knowledge). Vijayadasami is an auspicious day, for making a new start in any art form or learning. It is also a day to celebrate the attainment levels of the students who have been practicing the arts and a day to pay respects to the Guru.

Our celebration at Kala Pradarshini

At Kala Pradarshini, the students come together to showcase their attainments on the day. The students come dressed in the traditional pavadais or half sarees/ sarees based on their age group…. bright, cheerful, bejeweled and feet adorned with the salangai. While the attainment of knowledge is a continuous process and involves hours of rigorous practice and years of dedication to the art, the reason to celebrate the festivities brings with it a separate charm, vibrancy and a wonderful avenue to showcase the dexterity of the learners.

While the pandemic has kept us all indoors for the most of 2020. The year 2021 brought with it new hope and like the significance of Dussehra a wish for the end of the virus and the dawn of new beginnings. A new beginning in every avenue including the performing arts. A new beginning that still allows us to be connected to our culture and our heritage – one that remains unparallel to any other in the world.

Wishing you all dear readers the very best of wishes, health, happiness and prosperity this festive season.

Happy Dussehra!

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