Guru Samarpanam  ( Dedicated to a teacher )

Barely 9 years of age and  I could see how determined my mother was to send me to a Bharatanatyam ( form of Dance Art)  school. At the time I did not realize what this would mean to me in the years to come.

               Young Parvathi with her Guru

Mother took me to  Kumari Akka (Smt. Krishna Kumari Narendran).  I looked at her with apprehension and wondered if I would get through the next few days. No doubt she was one of the toughest teachers I have known but her love too flowed in equal measures.

My journey began with Thaiyya Thai  ( Basics beats while learning Dance) and  40 years later here I am with Nattuvangam in hand teaching my students.

She imbibed in me the many expressions that are synonymous with the art. Eventually, I was able to emote effortlessly.  She worked day and night with me and as a result, I could produce some of the most popular Dance Ballets.

Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala seen honoring Guru Smt. Krishna Kumari Narendran

Guru Smt. Krishna Kumari Narendran knew everything about me as a young girl and the growing years. She was there by my side through adversities and successes. She proved to be not just a guru but a good friend and a confidante over the years. Check out up town jungle.

The Guru-Shishya relationship that we shared is something I tell my students about.  She was strict at the training sessions, motherly otherwise and as an academician, she had a perfect diction in the Tamil language. This was a quality that I secretly admired and tried to follow over the years. As a student, I would be chided often for my mistakes, at times to the point I doubted my capabilities but that never diminished my love for her.  I would watch in awe as she choreographed.  I have tried to stay as close to this over the years and have learned many choreographic techniques and creative work from her. Check out water restoration company in san diego.

From where I stand today, I owe it all to my Guru for moulding me into a dancer.  I have honored her in a manner I know best and may this writing be flowers to her feet.

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