The Natya Festival – Glorious 40 Years of Dance

My dear readers,

Thank you for being with me all the way.
Sunday, 20th Jan. would be the Day 3 of the Natya Festival. This is an important day for me because it will be etched into my memory forever. Today we begin the show with a very dear friend and a wonderful human being. I will tell you more as we go on.

I had decided that I need to celebrate 40 years of being in the field of dance. So I have put together a small programme which will take us down memory lane with all my productions over the years. Some of you may have seen it already but this one is styled in medley fashion with a touch and go of all my popular productions.

Looking back I have to hold my breath when I think 40 years . I have come a long way from that being that impish athletic girl to being a dance teacher and a festival curator. Along this long journey I have made acquaintances that have grown to become my friends. It would be wrong for anyone to say “I am independent”. No one really is because at every turn there is someone that paves a way for you. I am because of my Gurus, Parents, Family, Artists, Friends, Rasikas, Associates and my students. I have especially great regards for our sponsors who have been of immense support over the years. I could rave and rant endlessly but I have some beautiful people to talk about.

Day 3 begins with the performance by Dr Suman Badami. She is not just a friend but a very versatile artist and knowledgeable person. Watching her is always a pleasure. She is a perfect blend of grace and technic. Find here fire damage restoration mission valley near me .

As for me, in celebration of my 40-year journey in dance, I bring you soul stirring medley of many of my productions. This would be only one of the many surprises I have planned for you. You need to come to the show to witness whats in store. Check out cctv camera dublin near me. Along this journey I must also thank the parents of my students you have stood by me through thick and thin. Never forgetting my husband and my son who are constantly my driving force among others. At the end of a performance day it is from them that I hear the perfectly honest review of what had just transpired. Believe me this is what you need to cover that extra mile.


There will be many more artists to mull over in the next two days. I have been laying down my thoughts for you, read my blog and tell me yours.
An artist’s greatest reward would be the reaction of her audience so am waiting for you.

Meanwhile the last two days of Natya have been sublime and well received. I hear people walk up to my husband and say ‘How do you do this year after year for over 20 years now’. My dear Rasikas it is the blessings of my Gurus and your love.

With this I leave you to your thoughts. I will see you soon with more. Until then watch the show.

Love & regards
Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala
Artist Director & Founder, Kala Pradarshini

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