The Natya Festival – Inaugurating with a star studded night

My Dear Readers
With the Natya Festival barely two days from today, am wringing my wrists and
counting the moments away. In my last blog I was telling you about rolling out the Natya Festival. Well folks, many of my friends out there know how the metrics work.

There are these moments when I know there are loads to cover but I question my
capabilities. My thoughts freeze at some point and I can’t go further. That’s enough about me and let me get started on the stars in my show.

On Day 1 we throw open the show with well- known dignitaries from Chennai. Then we have the very beautiful, young Lasya bringing us a performance full of promise. Followed by the expert practitioners and Gurus from ABHAI. This is one show where all the members come to perform with the help.. I am one of them yet I am looking forward to seeing these dancing queens and kings.

On Day 2 you shall witness the magic of Malavika Lakshmi, a disciple of Gopika
Varma performing Mohiniattam. Mohiniattam is a dance from the state of Kerala. It means thte ‘Dance of the Enchantress’.

We also have Sathyanarayana Raju from Bangalore performing Bharatanatyam. He was born to a family of agriculture, having no background of art. It was only hispassion and hard work that withstood the test of time. In an industry dominated by women, it was by no means easy to establish as a male dancer. Then we have Shobanaa Bhalchandra, youngest of the renowned Trio Sisters ofChennai. A seasoned and versatile artist, she is also recognized as a “Guru”. This time she brings us a tribute to the late legend M.S.Subbalakshmi. I won’t name it so you can come and see it for yourself. With that we come to the end of Day 2, looking forward to many more dancing divas over the next three days. Visit the end nothing works better than the passion within. There is a movie called ‘The Ice Princess’ that teaches us that if you want to dance, then you will find it in you even if you don’t have the right shoes. I will get back soon with more until then think about gracing our Natya Festival and lets hear some claps, sighs of contentment or even better your beaming faces, check out pivot. While you are seated and enjoying the show, I will be somewhere behind the curtain gathering my wits and going over my performance in my head.

Stay with me while the Natya unfolds great talent and expertise and I promise you exhilarating experiences.

Love & regards
Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala
Artist Director & Founder, Kala Pradarshini

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