The Natya Festival – The Finale

My dear readers,

I am glad that many of you have been reading my blogs. It helps me share my thoughts.

Day 4 was equally delightful in terms of performances and of course the variety of it.  We had the freshness of Aparajita’s performance, beautiful compositions like ‘Mugdha Madhavam’ by Saila Sudha Academy and ‘Rasa Manjari’ by Prayathnam artists.


Now folks this is exactly where I want to be. I want more groups and freshers up there performing. As an artist and a teacher, it gives me immense pleasure not just to see my own students perform but also those from other schools.  It is this beautiful blend of art and artists that is the cynosure for viewers.

I am now a curator turned student once again workers compensation lawyer sacramento.  I see my own show as an outsider and understand how I can make it better.  As I listen to the video clippings sent by my dance colleagues, I become more conscious of what I do.  I am really grateful for their love and confidence in me.


Love & regards
Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala
Director & Founder, Kala Pradarshini

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