Kala Pradarshini, a centre for performing arts and cultural activities aims to impart holistic training and knowledge in the classical fine arts. The institution has grown to accept over the years, students from India and abroad. Many of our senior students have given well lauded performances in national and international arenas.

Lighting up little dreams

At Kala Pradarshini, several students are recipients of the CCRT scholarships, graded artists of the Doordarshan, recipients and qualifiers of the prestigious Balashree award from the Central Government of India and recipient of the state awards as well. Kala Pradarshini is also a recipient of the Ministry of Culture (Government of India) teaching grant, which allows us to provide more opportunities to the younger artists to take up this profession.

Students are given advanced training to be soloists as well as given opportunities to participate in major group productions at prestigious venues through the year. They are also given training in the nattuvangam (wielding cymbals) for dance. The senior students are encouraged to assist their teacher in conducting classes.

At Kala Pradarshini, students at every level are taught the practical and theory of dance, Abhinaya, Shlokas, Nattuvangam, Vocal and Veena. The curriculum draws from our repository of texts like the Natya Sastra Sangraha and Laghu Bharatam and Parvathi's book Anushthana.

The training methodology followed at Kala Pradarshini focuses on the technical ability of the dancer and the physical fitness aspect. To support this, summer camps are conducted for Yoga, Kalari and Gymnastics.

Kala Pradarshini takes pride in our senior students, who have now taken up teaching dance as a full time career and have founded their own schools in Australia, USA, Ireland, London, Canada to Bangalore, Madurai and Chennai. We have also conducted many collaborated workshops abroad.

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