Kala Pradarshini pioneered a unique way of honoring the prolific composer Saint Thyagaraja through dance for over 20 years. This novel concept is a deviation from the traditional belief that the 5 Gems of Tygaraja should berendered only through music.



Kala Pradarshini went on to make Thyagaraja Aaradhana through dance one of the most differentiated ways of paying tribute. Over the years, other organizations and artists have replicated this idea in order to spread the richness of the Thyagaraja philosophy.

Annually, we curate five eminent artists/institutions who are carefully choosen to present each of the pancharathna kritis, all in one evening. Given the choice of performers, this is one of the most looked out for events.

We sincerely thank our Venue collaborator Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan every year in supporting this endeavour

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