Kala Pradarshini, Centre for Performing Arts and Cultural Activities is a registered not for profit organisation (32/1998) and we depend on the contributions of our donor and patrons to execute our programmes. We have been fortunate to receive government funding too, but this covers only a small percentage of the operational costs involved in the various activities of our non profit set up. The generous contributions made by our donor patrons over the years has allowed us to bring to stage various multi media productions that have drawn audiences attention both in India as well as overseas, allowed us to conduct our Annual dance festivals consistently since 1998 and also enabled the nurturing of young learners of dance into seasoned performers.



  • We are a transparent and accountable organisation with over 2 decades of expertise in the field.
  • Our accounts are audited annually as recipients of the Grants from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.
  • We give you an opportunity to create a legacy through an endowment. Our expertise can complement your CSR initiatives, in turn minimising your company‚Äôs need for expanding its CSR team
  • We can offer the benefit of 80G towards tax savings



  • A performance on stage involves the contribution of an entire ecosystem of staff that include the technicians, makeup artistes, supporting artistes, stage managers and more.
    Your contributions will support all the supporting artistes and staff.
  • Enable us to continue in our efforts to preserve the classical performing arts and folk arts of India.
  • Continue our enveadour to offer a platform to perform to a discerning artiste.
  • Develop more thematic and artistics representations through dance.
  • Keep bringing to the audiences the free annual dance festivals and share with them the beauty of Indian performing arts.
  • Will enable us to identify and promote through our festival new and upcoming artistes and pay them for their performance.
  • Support a deserving dance student in their learning as well as performances.
  • Support a needy students academic expenses.
  • Support us with the payment of salary for the faculty of the dance school and staff of the trust.